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Products we love: Le Volume de Chanel Mascara



I never would have tried this mascara if I hadn’t have been given it as a sample on the Chanel counter in Harrods. I’m a complete drug store mascara lover. I like to replace them every 4 or so weeks so it gets a bit spendy if you’re doing that on the Chanel counter.

But yeah scrap that….as I’m completely wowed by Le Volume de Chanel mascara. It’s very very inky black and it’s brush is old school  bristle-y and fat and picks up loads of product which helps to volumise the lash. It’s quite a wet consistency so I’d give yourself a bit of drying time after application.

The packaging is beautiful of course. It’s Chanel baby!

Le volume de Chanel mascara is available at Boots for £25




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