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Hair & Makeup Lessons Designed for you

Makeup is not just about looking better, it’s about feeling better. Every women should be able to grab their make up bag, and with a few key products and some professional tips and tricks create a beautiful easy look that makes them feel great.

Put a stop to being intimidated by department store beauty counters and mystified by smoky eyes, the perfect lip and the right cheek colour for you.

Whether you’re a busy working Mum who needs a 3 minute look for work or you want to perfect a subtly sexy evening look, book a personalised make up lesson with us and we’ll make sure you leave feeling confident about make up.

We are not affiliated with any specific brands, you can bring your usual makeup bag along and our artists can provide you with personalised recommendations based on professional experience.

We can then teach you how to then apply our favourite picks from our kit as well as from your own makeup bag. Unlike departments stores there is absolutely no pressure to buy anything, just honest advise, tips and a personal tutorial on how to create desired looks yourself at home.

We teach professional and non-professional hair and makeup lessons in Birmingham and London and across the rest of the UK.


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