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What’s in my Makeup Kit? – Primers I’m loving

primer reviews

I cannot help but be a sceptic when it comes to primers – they often make big claims which I don’t see when applied. Plus let’s be honest it’s a great way for makeup companies to sell an extra product to you.

Saying that I do always ‘prime’ the skin so to speak before applying any makeup by making sure it is super clean and then prepping with a facial spritz and a moisturiser.

I’m always open minded to trying new ones though and the below three primers below ended up in my kit and are still holding on strong as I think they’re pretty good

Clinique Superprimer Face Primer – Universal face primer – £20

good for: all skin types

Water based and with a quite a thin texture it smooths the skin texture and softens fine lines and I find makeup does stay on longer when I use it. It has anti-oxidant ingredients and it’s always nice to know your makeup is benefiting your skin plus it’s fragrance free so perfect for sensitive types. Recommended!

Bourjois Paris Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer – £10.99

good for: technically dry skin but I use it for all skin types

A light melting texture means this hydrating and illuminating serum blends into the skin really easily and I’m really enjoying using this product on clients and models. However instead of using it all over the face I target the high points of the face (especially the tops of the cheekbones) to really create that super flattering ‘lit from within’ hydrated finish to the skin without any shimmer. Love!

Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer – £8.99

good for: younger oily skins and skin with more visible pores

This is another primer I use in a very targeted away focussing it on the t-zone to minimise the appearance of pores and take away any excess shine. It is very silicon-y so I use it sparingly and I leave about 5 minutes before applying foundation or concealer on top so it has a chance to settle into the skin. I like this and if you like a silky airbrushed finish to the skin

I’d love to know your favourite primers? And have you tried any of the above?

Love Jodie x


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