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Wedding Morning do’s and don’ts | Your wedding morning Plan

Wedding Morning do’s and don’ts | Your wedding morning Plan


DO leave enough time to get ready in the morning. Your hair and makeup artist will be able to assist in making a plan.

DON’T change location whilst getting ready in the morning if you can help it. It always takes longer than you think, even just moving hotel rooms.

DO get the hairdresser and makeup artist to come to you in the morning. Parking, driving and taxis on the way to a salon always take longer than you think.

DO delegate. BridesMAIDS….as in this is their day to serve you. Get someone else to check the party favours are laid out, that the flowers have been delivered and that the caterers know that Aunt Ann is gluten intolerant

DO allow for daylight, space and an electricity source for your hair + makeup team

DO be selfish. It’s your day to look the best. Own it! It’s all about YEW!

DO wash your hair the night before unless your hairdresser advises otherwise

DO get something nice to wear whilst you’re getting ready – you’ll be in lots of pictures but make sure you don’t need to pull it over your head

DO have fun but if you’re getting overwhelmed, have a moment by yourself with just your Mum or Maid of Honour when getting dressed and for any final touches

DO play music. It breaks the atmosphere if you’re having a tense moment and brings the party spirit. Here’s our playlist if you need something fun

DO eat before the ceremony. A brunch of poached eggs and avocado on multigrain toast = slow releasing carbs + healthy fats FTW! It helps with soaking up the champagne and reduces nerves.

DON’T get too drunk (boring but true)

DO leave it to the professionals. If there’s one day you want someone else to do your hair and makeup this is it!

DO wear more a little more powder + hairspray than you think you need.

DO open the windows. This is not the time to be too hot and clammy.

Hope this helps with your wedding morning plan! Please do give us a shout if we can help with your wedding hair and makeup.



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