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| Kathryn and Jits Celebration | Wedding hair and makeup Greek Islands |

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wedding hair and makeup greek islands

Wedding hair and  makeup Greece.

You can just tell from the pictures that this was seriously fun wedding. Jit and Kathryn chose the Ekies All Senses Resort near Thessaloniki in Greece for their 2015 celebration and we were booked for Kathryn’s wedding hair and makeup.

Kathryn went for a dense smoky eye in a grey/brown with hyper real perfected skin and an intricately twisted and plaited chic up do.

Photos: Pete Medlicott

Makeup: Jodie

Hair: Nikki

You can see more about our destination wedding packages and wedding hair and makeup Greek Islands here


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Wedding Hair and Makeup Greece

As professional make up artists and hairdressers we will make sure you spend your pre wedding preparations stress free, relaxed, feeling pampered and confident your make up and hair will look beautiful and last all day.

Jodie and her Your Beautiful Face team specialise in wedding hair and makeup across London and the UK. We also work at destination weddings across Europe and beyond including Tuscany, Bordeaux and across South West France, Lake Como, Dubai, Loire Valley, South of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Majorca and the Greek Islands.

We’re lucky enough to be seen as industry experts in destination wedding makeup and hair and Jodie and her team work across Europe on some very beautiful celebrations. Recent locations include Tuscany, Umbria, Venice, Lake Como, Bordeaux, the South of France, the Dordogne, Ibiza, Mallorca, Greece including Mykonos and Santorini, the Amalfi Coast and the Italian Lakes as well as far afield as Barbardos and the Caribbean and Goa. We take the worry out of looking your best abroad on your special day as we can carry out your hair and makeup trial in the UK.


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