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this works in transit camera close-up review

This works in transit camera close up review

I am very dubious about most primers. I want to see bang for my buck particularly when they’re expensive and I’m always a little disappointed that they never match up to their claims.

this works – in transit camera close-up (£30) has pleasantly surprised me. It claims to be a primer, mask and moisturiser in one but in essence I’ve been using it as a straight forward primer. What I am really impressed with is it’s ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Argan and Starflower Oils plus Caffeine – which are all perfect pre-makeup prep ingredients particularly when you’re tired/it’s Xmas/you’ve been drinking too much wine.

Unless you’re very oily i would use a basic moisturiser under it and let that sink in before applying this. I would probably want to use quite a lot of it if I didn’t do this and I’d rather stretch out it’s use. I find it very calming (it also has aloe and eyebright in it – both help with inflammation) so brilliant when you’re suffering with a hangover or not enough sleep.

As suggested by it’s name it would be fab whilst travelling. A quick swipe of this before you get off the plane will help you look a lot more hydrated.

In essence I would describe this as a 20second pre-makeup treatment to give your tired face a ‘healthy looking’ helping hand, an extra glow and helping your makeup stay on a little longer. I’m pretty likely to buy a second bottle.



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