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Products we love: The Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream – Maybe the best thing I’ve ever smelled!

The Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream review
Kukui Oil has been used for centuries by Hawaiian people to nurture the skin after sun exposure and it can believed to sooth sunburn damage, help dry skin, and aid skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

The Body Shop have combined this oil with shea and cocoa butter to create the most AMAZING smelling body cream. It has the texture of whipped double cream but sinks into the skin like a much lighter lotion – very nourishing and would be a great post beach moisturiser.

2015-The Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream review The Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream review

But back to the scent, it really might be the BEST THING I’VE EVER SMELLED – an exotic tropical, expensive Spa like, slightly vanilla’y cocoa butter’y heavenly bouquet like  that makes me want to immediately book the next flight to Honolulu.

The packaging I might also add is beautiful

Applying it is a bit like faking a blissful far-flung holiday spa at home.

Treat yourself immediately, you deserve it!

The Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream is available HERE: at The Body Shop for £23 for a huge pot



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