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Products We Love: Waitrose Pure Facial Oil

This week we’re raving about a good quality, light non-greasy facial oil you can pick up from a supermarket for under £3!

waitrose facial oil

Earlier in the year Waitrose launched it’s own affordable  skincare range, with all the products costing between £1.99 and £2.99. It includes a facial oil, beauty balm and face polish which contains at least 95% naturally derived ingredients and is entirely fragrance free.

A lot of people find face oils scary to use, particularly if you have a naturally oily or combination skin. Unlike some other oils  we found Waitrose Pure facial oil to be very light and easily absorbed – it has a very serum like texture. Also love the fact it contains sweet almond oil (a fave) and vitamin E.

The directions for use on the bottle say you should ‘Use weekly on cleansed skin’ and massage a couple of drops into your face and neck (to learn how to do your own facial massage with oil have a look at this video from Into The Gloss) however I’ve been using it after I cleanse my face in the evening straight on to wet skin. It’s also nice using before you put on makeup to give the skin a bit of a light glow.

Available in store or Waitrose online for £2.99 for 30ml.


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