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Olivia Palermo Ponytail Tutorial

oliva palermo ponytail

I shot a series of hair and makeup tutorials for uber bridal blog Rock My Wedding.

Images for Rock My Wedding blog by Rebekah J. Murray.

The lovely Rock My Wedding girls asked me to show them a classic Olivia Palermo ponytail tutorial and here’s the results.

pony-how-to1 & 2. Split the hair into 3 sections: The first section should be split from ear to ear across the back of your head at the nape of your neck. The second section is formed above this from ear to ear across the crown of your head leaving the final and third section at the front.
3. Secure each respective section with a hairband to keep them separate from one another.
4. Taking the middle section, backcomb the hair in this section working from the bottom to top in small sections.
5. Smooth over the top of the backcombed section for a neat finish taking care not to brush out the volume you’ve just put in.
6. Gather this backcombed section over the smaller bottom section of hair at the nape of your neck. Using a hair band, secure it over the top of the bottom pony tail making it as smooth as possible to form one pony tail.
7 & 8. Taking the front section of hair, part it down the centre and then take each side and wrap it over the top of the pony tail to hide the hair band. Secure with kirby grips before smoothing over and spraying with hairspray.


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