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Products We Love: No 7 BB Cream

no7 bb cream review

I had been wanting to find a product for everyday use for a while. Something that would give me light coverage while still allowing my skin to breathe. The key for me was quick application. I really wanted a product that I could apply quickly in the mornings without thinking too much. I was also looking for a lighter shade as I’ve finally had to say goodbye to the last of my summer glow.

After some research I decided to try out the No7 BB cream (normal/oily skin). There wasn’t much choice in terms of shades but luckily the ‘fair’ was a match for my skin.  It does have the added bonus of having UVA and UVB protection which is important to keep skin youthful and it is also hypo-allergenic which meant I didn’t have to stress about my sensitive skin flaring up.

This BB cream is so easy to apply. I literally just dot it around my face and then blend with my finger tips. I do then brush over some powder just to give it a bit more staying power and then a bit of mascara and I’m done. I find you don’t need to put the colour back into your face with endless blushers and bronzers because it doesn’t block out all your natural colour it just gently evens skin tone.

If I’m having a particularly hectic day then sometimes a bit of a touch up is needed but generally my morning application sees me through. (I do always carry my powder round with me though for that midday shine.)

For people who want to keep quite a natural look or those of you who are just easing into the world of beauty products (and I know it is a massive and quite daunting world at first) I would highly recommend this. They also have an option for Normal/Dry skin and Dry/Very Dry so work out which one is best for your skin then give it a go

Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you think in the comments box, I’d be interested to hear how you’ve found it.

Love Topaz x


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