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Travel: 5 things to do in Naples and the Amalfi Coast

Naples and the Amalfi Coast

A had a very short but sweet visit to Naples and the Amalfi coast earlier this month. Here are my 5 essential things to do:

1. Food, food, food!

A visit to this region wouldn’t be complete without a long tick list of food I HAD to eat whilst there, including Pizza, Pizette, Spaghetti Vongole, the local Buffalo Mozzarella and some seafood. Hashtag greedy.

First to be pounced upon was late night pizza then evening we arrived in Naples’s historical centre. As good as you’d expect.

pizza naples

We stayed at an ace b&b in the centre of Naples on the top floor of an 18th Century apartment block overlooking the city. Can’t recommend it enough, particularly it’s beautiful and atmospheric internal courtyard.

2015-09-02 09.48.26
Naples b&b
2015-09-01 22.18.14
Naples B&B

2. Positano

A magical wonderland of beauty. It is very touristy and over priced but you can forgive it that when you’re staring at the views at sunset.

Positano beach Walking through Positano at night

Morning walk in Positano
2015-09-02 21.22.31

3. A boat trip to Da Adolfo

A couple of people had recommended this place to me and I’d also read a blog lovingly describing a day there so it was on my absolute to do list.

You meet a boat with a big red fish in Positano harbour and sail around the coast until you reach a tiny pebbled beach covered in vintage sunbeds with an unassuming restaurant.

Hang out in the sun, dip in the sea then head to the packed buzzy restaurant for lunch on wine with peaches, spaghetti with clams and panacotta. An excellent day!

Da Adolfo boat Da Adolfo Seafood lunch at Da Adolfo

2015-09-03 11.35.31 2015-09-03 11.18.28

4. Ravello

This was our final location and where our bride Philipa was getting married. Yet more ridiculous views and lovely food. If you can visit Villa Cimbrone – quite hard to explain how beautiful this place is.

Ravello naples and the amalfi coast naples and the amalfi coast

villa cimbrone naples and the amalfi coast 2015-09-04 18.59.41 pizette - naples and the amalfi coast

5. The drive!

I’m pretty pathetic when it comes to heights and scary roads so luckily I wasn’t driving the terrifying and jaw dropping Amalfi coast road. I’m pretty sure I was one of the most annoying passengers ever with sweaty palms and shreaking to ‘slow down’! As spectacular as you’d expect with gorgeous fruit stalls

2015-09-02 15.51.33 2015-09-02 15.43.34 2015-09-02 13.09.17 2015-09-02 13.14.59-1


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