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Products we love: A Pretty Awesome Mascara for £6.99

maybelline colossal go extreme mascara review

I bought this mascara on a whim to make up on one of my 3 for  2 sprees in Boots. It was supposed to end up in my kit but I forgot to pack my regular mascara for my Australia trip so it ended up in my personal makeup bag.

maybelline colossal go extreme mascara review productI’m impressed – the brush is fat but easy to use and really fans the lashes. The shape of the stem means it loads lots of product on to the brush. It’s very black and definitely lengthens, thickens and separates. This is not a mascara for someone who likes a natural lash or who can’t deal with loads of product on their brush – I like a heavy fat lash so I LOVED it.

Maybelline colossal go extreme mascara available nationwide for £6.99



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