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Travel : A quick break in Istanbul

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After a couple of long haul trips this year I’d squirrelled enough air miles for a flight to Istanbul and luckily so had my pal Paola (if you’re into yummy Pugliese and Italian home cooking, fan girling Sophia Loren and ’90’s Versace you need to follow her instagram account)

We stayed at Mama Shelter a French boutique hotel chain with a couple of locations in Turkey. Particularly loved the bar decor and the cocktails got a huge thumbs up from us.

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Here’s some things I loved:

1. Agia Sophia – it’s been a Mosque and a Church and is almost 1500 years old. It was a  shame there was scaffolding up when we were there but the interior is truly draw droppingly vast and beautiful. The mosaics on the upper floors were incredible.

Istanbul travel blog

2. Shopping in the Grand Bazaar. My highlights were the Ikat silks and velvets you could buy by the metre and the tea you drank in every shop. Plus the beautiful crumbling painted ceilings.

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3. The delis and food shops around Solakzade Sk in Beyolgu. So much baklava, shops solely selling pickles, bread, cheese olives and dried fruits.

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istanbul travel blog (7) 4. Freshly squeezed juices you can buy in the street. Pomegranate juice particularly was everywhere

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5. The Spice Bazaar. Built in 1660 and full of food, spices, caviar and cooking equipment.

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.6. Breakfast almost every morning at Kavhe 6 in their cute walled garden. Everything we tried was good

istanbul food

7. After quite a few cocktails we ended up stumbling across Canim Cigerim . Bread + meat + herbs + grilled veg. What’s not to love?

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