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The 5 Best Festival Hair & Makeup Looks


It’s festival season! Here’s our 5 favourite hair and makeup looks for getting mash up in a field this Summer.

1. Glitter in your hair.

Yep you’re going to be trying to remove it for weeks but we love these modern ways of making your hair look magical.

festival hair and makeup festival hair and makeup festival hair and makeup festival hair and makeup festival hair inspiration

2. Modern Sequins

There’s much cooler ways of adding sparkle to your face than a bit of glitter eyeshadow.

festival makeup inspiration festival makeup inspiration festival glitter makeupfestival makeup inspiration

3. Real Flower Crowns

Don’t buy that battered plastic flower crown from New Look, make yourself a real one. Wire, some fresh blooms and you’re away. Mega pretty!

festival flower crowns festival fashion trends festival flower crowns festival flower crowns

festival fashion

festival hairstyles

4. Hair Tapestry

Only for those with high mastery of crafting and you’ll need to leave yourself a bit of prep time but you’ll mega impress your friends.

hair tapestry   festival hair tapestry festival hair festival hair hair tapestry

5. Plaits

Plaits for a festival? Groundbreaking! But seriously they show no sign of going away. We love our pick below, particularly the plaited parting

festival braids festival braids bohemian hairstyle festival hair inspiration

We have lots more festival hair and makeup inspiration on our Pinterest board.

Image Sources: Pinterest


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