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Products we love: elf Studio HD Blush


This week we have been using elf Studio HD blush and we have fallen in love!

It comes in a clear plastic pump dispenser and is really easy to apply. For £4.50 it’s an absolute bargain and we can’t help but feel the need to shout about it.

We picked up two shades; ‘headliner’ and ‘superstar’. In this review and the images shown we have used the lighter, ‘headliner’ shade.

swatches of elf hd blush cream makeup review

The pump dispenser allows you to squeeze out exactly how much you need (which is not a lot – you can see in the image below) and the light creamy texture makes it super easy to blend.

You get so much for your money and because you only need a tiny bit for a natural looking blush we reckon it will last for ages!

This product is also perfect for a cheeky lip tint as well making it even better value for money.application of elf hd blush makeup review before and after elf hd blush cream review makeupbyjodie makeup review

Let us know what you think and whether you’ve enjoyed using this product or not xx


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