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Destination Wedding Makeup Tips

Destination wedding hair and makeup tips

We feel crazy lucky to work on lots of beautiful celebrations across Europe and beyond. Here are our top destination wedding makeup tips….

As bright sunlight is not the most flattering of lights, when doing your makeup choosing a location that’s right by a window is very important. Face the light during application to make sure everything is seamlessly blended.

For the bride I suggest applying to makeup about 90 minutes before you get dressed. When you are dressed you can finish your lips, re-blend around the eye and add any extra powder as needed.

Don’t be tempted to wear heavier makeup than normal. It’s unforgiving in bright sunlight and is likely to make you feel hotter. I tend to use a tinted moisturiser all over the face and then targeted heavier concealers as needed.

Look for mattifying, waterproof and long wear products and the aim is lots of light layers. I love the Estee Lauder Double wear and the Mac Pro Long wear ranges.

Use a light powder like Mac Prep and Prime Setting powder to set everything even if you don’t normally. I also like to add a makeup setting spray at the end. The Kiko one is great.

Try a mattifying primer (Estee Lauder is good) and an eye primer to make sure your eyeshadow doesn’t crease. I like the Urban decay and Nars ones.

I love to use highlighting and shimmer products but for destination weddings I keep them to very targeted areas. Sunlight will really bounce off them.

Layer your lip colour. I always start with a lip pencil all over the lips.

If you’re arriving at the location a couple of days before your wedding pack on the sunscreen and wear strapless swimwear and tops. Avoid at your peril burning and tan lines that clash with your dress!

Often destination wedding celebrations are late afternoon or early evening so as a rule I don’t use a heavy sunscreen under the makeup. However if you will be in direct sunlight you can use a light oil free sunscreen. I like La Roche Posay and the DDF Oil Free SPF 45.

I suggest you take a powder compact to use as a mirror and to take down any shine. You can also use blotting papers if you prefer. Pack your lip colour, an under eye concealer to brighten you later in the day and a little eye brush to freshen up your eyeshadow.



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