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Products we love: A foundation for foundation-phobes!

Bobbi Brown intensive skin serum review

This Products we love post is a review of Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation by one of our lovely brides and friend, writer for Love My Dress, Katie Isles. This is an honest and open product review that we loved so wanted to share with you. Enjoy!

I am a certified foundation-phobe. I don’t like how it makes my skin look and I dislike  how it feels on my skin.

Personally, I feel like it highlights my flaws rather than covering them – spots look like craters and wrinkles look like the deepest canyons.

I thought I was alone in my weird world but it appears there are others! I believe that my irrational fear of foundation started as a teenager when classmates started troweling on the terracotta with a spade and leaving the four shades darker tideline along their jaw! This was then followed as an adult by constant disappointment. As a typical woman, I too craved smooth, flawless (airbrushed) skin. I tried various brands and products in search of the perfect no-make-up-made-up face. Yet every time I looked in the mirror I could only see my chalky face in varying shades. So I gave up looking and was generally happy with a touch of concealer and brush of bronzing powder!

In the last couple of years I’ve become a big fan of natural skin tints such as Liz Earle and Ren BB crème which provide a lovely touch of even colour without the cakey effects that I dislike.

However, last month I bought Red magazine and enjoyed an article aimed at foundation-phobes. Apparently new formulas are now able to provide coverage but with a lighter feel and finish. I was tempted but not too hopeful after all my failed attempts.

However, the next time I was passing Selfridges, I gave Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 a try.

The marketing spiel says, “Super silky emulsion floats over skin’s surface for a flawless yet natural look. Ultrafine pigments cover imperfections without settling into fine lines. Goes beyond the surface, beautifying skin with a powerful combination of serum ingredients”

bobbi brown intensive skin serum swatches

Flawless yet natural? My search was surely over!

The assistant was great, although as a lover of full coverage foundation herself, she was little bemused by my own feelings. I left the store feeling more hopeful than I had in years that in my little yellow bag I had a foundation I would actually wear!

I have worn it a couple of times since and I am converted. It provides me with a silky, matt coverage with none of the chalky effects. It evens my skin tone but feels natural and light and doesn’t intensify my flaws. It happily stays on my face all day, from rainy school run until bedtime. Mostly, it makes me feel more confident and I feel that people would be looking at my face for all the right reasons and not because I’ve been too heavy handed with the make up brush!

bobbi brown intensive skin serum review before and after

Pictured left with half a face with foundation on. Pictured right with full face of foundation.

Katie, you look absolutely glowing!


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