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Products we love: The best eyeliner brush I’ve ever used

best eyeliner brushMy search for the best eyeliner brush is a long one. I like to own a LOT  of eyeliner brushes, I’m often doing eye makeup on 5 or so people at a time with no time to clean in-between so I have a good selection in my kit. Plus as soon as they slightly splay or misshape they have to be binned as they can make your life harder when you’re trying to get a precise line.

This lead me to scouring Amazon searching for eyeliner brushes that were reasonably priced yet looked like a great shape as I buy in bulk. I prefer a very fine brush for lining so I can tight line as well as end flicks very precisely.

After a few duds, I ordered a Da Vinci brush as it looked slim and a good shape.

Da Vinci have been making artist’s brushes since the 1890’s (I love this!) and all of their brushes are handmade in their factory in Germany.

Their liner brush is a revelation! The perfect size, shape, length, texture and £6.40! Plus it’s synthetic so perfect to use with gel liner. If you’re a makeup artist or just into wearing flicks I very much recommend.

You can buy the Da Vinci Series 45750 Professional Synthetic liner brush here


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