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6 month beauty prep for your wedding

6 month beauty prep for your wedding

Getting organised when it comes to beauty prep for your wedding is best when it starts early. Here’s Jodie’s schedule of things to try out.

Commit to drinking 2 litres of water a day. It’s boring and unexciting but you’ll see the difference in your skin if you keep it up.

Your beauty prep starts from within. Supplements we recommend are Viviscal for hair and Omega 3, 6 and 9 for moisturising your skin. Zinc and Vitamin B are also worth topping up. The Sarah Chapman skin supplement is a good place to start

If your lashes and brows are a bit sparse start applying a growth serum. We love Lilash.

This is about the right time to start get your brows trained up and in shape. If they need a fair bit of help definitely head to a professional. We love Shavata in Knightsbridge with branches nationwide and starting now will give you time to have 4 to 5 appointments before the wedding

Start daily body brushing and using a body scrub and body moisturiser to make sure skin glows.

Schedule 3 to 4 facials before your wedding day leaving the last one about a week before your big day. Sarah Chapman, Clarins and Elemis are all great. Micro current facials can also help to depuff. We also love the Nuface Mini and an LED mask for at home treatments.

Have a hair trim to keep split ends to a minimum.

This is a great time to start using a weekly moisturising hair mask. We love Phillip Kingsley Elasticiser.

Speak to your hair colourist about tweaking your colour for the most flattering shade.

Start using a daily hand cream as your hands are likely to be in focus.

Use a nail oil bi-weekly to strengthen them.

This would be a good time for a micro dermabrasion appointment to make sure your skin is the perfect canvas for makeup on the day. Also consider an LED treatment and if it suits your skin schedule another one the week before

Book in a polish from your dental hygienist and consider teeth whitening if that’s a concern.

Avoid salty food and alcohol and reduce caffeine and any processed sugar the week before the wedding to reduce bloating in the face and body.

If your hair is professionally coloured this is a good time to have your final appointment as well as a trim.

Have your last brow shaping appointment.

Have a manicure and pedicure. This is a good time to take a breath and try and relax.

Exfoliate your lips so they’re ready for any lip colour the next day.

To check availability and book Jodie or one of our hair and makeup team just drop us a line here.



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