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Living Proof Blowout Review

living proof blowout review

I was already completely sold on the Living Proof brand and as I wanted a new styling product to review, their blowout spray was my immediate go-to. The hair brand’s products are free from silicones, oils, parabens and sulfates and they are seriously cutting edge when it comes to technology. 

It’s claims are ‘breakthrough thermal speed-shaping technology’ but the only way to describe it as it leaves my hair looking like a hairdresser has done it. It’s easier to style, I find it effortless to create a nice shape with the brush and it dries quicker. By the end of the day my hair looks less straggly and more cohesive in it’s shape. It can be used on second-day hair as a finishing product.

To use I blast my hair with hairdryer and wait until it’s evenly half dry all over. I then liberally spray with the product and use a vent brush to dry and create a bit of shape. I would say it’s suitable for those with straight and wavy hair and is only worth using it if you’re actually going to be using a hairdryer and not just leaving it to dry naturally.

Available here at Cult Beauty from £13


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