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How to visit Stockholm like a local | 7 Travel Tips

how to visit stockholm like a local

I was so excited to finally visit, but I wanted to make sure I visited Stockholm like a local and not waste any time on boring tourist sites. As luck would have it I had the coolest Swedish clients just before visiting and they gave us the lowdown on what we should do for a short three day trip.

The rumours are true, Sweden is expensive! We ate breakfast at our airbnb everyday to save a few pennies and, um, then for the rest of the day blew our budget.

Stockholm is a series of islands linked by bridges and we stayed on Soderalm. I don’t want to say hipster because that would be a disservice but it was the coolest downtown, stylish neighbourhood full of bars, restaurants and boutiques but also a real life area where people lived. Peering into people’s homes and beautiful interior design was pretty fun,

Here were my 7 highlights:

1. Urban Deli | Nytorget |
How to visit Stockholm like a local
After arriving we headed here for lunch. It’s a deli, wine bar and restaurant and we had a lovely afternoon sitting at the bar drinking wine and snacking from the deli counter.
2. Nytorget 6 restaurant
Visit Stockholm like a local

I’m not sure how we managed to snag a table here as there’s normally a 2-3 week waiting list so do book ahead before you arrive if you fancy a visit. It’s beautiful, atmospheric and tasty. This restaurant is surrounded by lots of boutiques, restaurants and bars.

3. Fotografiska Photography museum

How to visit Stockholm like a local
This former Customs House turned into a photography museum I think is a must visit. Even if you haven’t got time to go around the museum the shop is awesome, and I bought some ace prints and postcards.
4. Åhlens Department store
 How to visit Stockholm like a local
This is right in the middle of central stockholm, has the most AMAZING home decor department and a super cute restaurant for tea and lunch on the 2nd floor.
5. Biblioteksgatan
How to visit Stockholm like a local
This street has all the Swedish brands you are keen to mooch around like Filippa K, Tiger of Sweden, Acne, COS and And Other Stories.
6. Fika at Weinercafeet 1904
How to visit Stockholm like a local
Fika is the Swedish version of afternoon tea and it’s essential you do this at least once. I loved this slightly chi chi place, with lush cakes and great people watching.
7.  Real deal Swedish food at Restaurang Tradition
How to visit Stockholm like a local
Errrr yum!


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