How To Apply Lipstick With A Brush

I recently shot a series of hair and makeup tutorials for uber bridal blog Rock My Wedding. Kicking off proceedings is a step by step tutorial on how to apply lipstick with a brush.

Images for Rock My Wedding blog by Rebekah J. Murray.

how to apply lipstick with a brush
how to apply lipstick with a brush tutorial

1. Prime the lips with a lip balm of your choice using a cotton bud to gently exfoliate. Tissue off any excess.
2 & 3. Use a lip pencil to gently shape the lips correcting any uneven patches. Cross the two pencil lines on the upper lip to create the perfect cupids bow.
4. Apply your lipstick with a lip brush for an accurate and precise finish.
5. Use a concealer to tidy up any mistakes and further define the lip line
6. Blot with a blotting paper (it takes away some of the oil in the lipstick leaving just the pigment.
7. Repeat and blot again.
8. Return to your lip pencil to tidy up any mistakes and further define the lip line.

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