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Are you looking for beauty inspiration for your wedding day? Take a look at our wedding hair styles for lots of gorgeous ideas for styles in the nape of the neck and chignons for brides.

It isn’t always easy finding the perfect look so as a result we have created inspirational boards. We hope you find some ideas you love as a result…

Scroll down for our wedding hair edit for ‘Nape of the Neck’ and low buns and chignons for brides. Chignons sounds like an old fashioned word but it really just means  hair arranged in the nape of the neck or higher up with any detail you like. It’s a great way of getting hair up in a soft and flattering way meaning that you can show off your dress and any jewellery. You can also add flowers, hair vines, plaits and twists and any other details to make it look even more special. This is a style that is really great for destination weddings as it get your hair off your neck!

If you would like to see more ideas click the link below to find our dedicated Pinterest page curated By Jodie

Nape of Neck on Pinterest

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  • We’re at the gorgeous @pyneshouse today
  • Timeless beauty courtesy of Marilyn ♥️
  • This absolute babe today 💗 #nofilter
  • Our bride from June 💘 Hair by Nikki and makeup by Jodie CONGRATULATIONS & LOVE TO OUR 16 BRIDES THIS WEEKEND ACROSS THE UK AND ITALY #byjodiebrides Photo: @yorisphotographer
  • Hair by our artist Bethany ✨ #byjodiebrides
  • Bridesmaid hair by our artist Kate 💕