| 6 beauty bedside table must-haves |


I like to keep my night time beauty essentials next to my bed because once I’ve got under my covers there’s no getting me out. I keep them stashed in an old Hermes box (so very fancy I know).

So first up is the the essential this works pillow spray. Who knows if it’s just a placebo effect but the smell is beautiful and I link it to bedtime now.

Next up is the Shavata Brow Strengthener. I have crap brows and I’m really aiming to grow them out a little bit more. Castor oil has been used for 100’s of years to help with hair growth and I love the applicator that Shavata has designed.

I’ve actually got pretty good lashes but anything that makes them a little longer I’m in to. Currently trying out skinpeptoxyl eyelash growth serum.

When choosing a face oil I like something light and pliable i can add to my normal moisturiser. This Waitrose one is a complete favourite and ridiculously bargain-ous.

I have a difficult relationships with eye cream and still sit on the fence as to whether they work or not. I stick to tried and tested brands and I really like the Estee Lauder Advenced Night Repair eye serum as it’s full of anti oxidants.

Finally I totally rate the Realine Beauty frown line patches. I tend to scrunch my face up when I sleep and these really help in reducing the movement between my brows at night. You just stick them on. Basic I know. Like a pauper’s Botox.


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realine anti frown patches
Shavata brow strenghener
Waitrose face oil



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